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Fall 2024 Early Bird Enrollment opens March 1


  • Classes are each priced individually. Go to "Catalog" tab for details.

  • No registration fee - but parents must take turns with co-op duties as described below, or pay a small fee for substitutes to take those duties.


To enroll/apply:

  • Send an e-mail to or to the teacher individually at the e-mail address shown on that teacher's page.

  • Provide  the name and age of each child you wish to enroll and the name of the class you wish to enroll each child in.

  • The teacher will then respond with an invoice and participation agreement or other relevant information on how to complete the enrollment process.

Payment dates:

  • March 15, 2024 - Non-refundable deposits due

  • July 1, 2024 - payment in full due for fall semester.

    • Teachers will send you an invoice after registration


Participation commitments:

  • Each family must fulfill one cleaning duty at the end of the day per year or pay a $10 fee to a substitute parent cleaner.

  • Each family must fulfill 4 one-hour parent-on-duty slots per semester or pay $5 per slot for a parent substitute.

  • Students 14 and older may remain on site between classes, but no supervision is provided.

  • Students under 14 years old may be in class without a parent on site, but cannot remain on site between classes without a parent/guardian present.

  • Full details and policies for participation will be e-mailed upon registration or upon e-mailed request to:

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