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Here to Help Our Students Grow

Meet Our Independent Teachers

Freya Fitzpatrick

Freya has her bachelors and masters degrees in education. She has 40 years experience in education, including bilingual instruction in Sweden, public and private education in the United States, substitute teaching, tutoring, and home schooling her two children from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

She has lead two 4-H groups, been the deputy commander for cadets in a local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron and was the Arkansas CAP State Director of Aerospace Education. She has prepared students for state and national level public speaking contests including Voices of Democracy, NASA, Optimist Club, 4-H and Tropicana contests. She has worked as a free-lance journalist for a variety of medical publications as well as the Chicago Tribune-Sun Sentinel “Community and Religion” section. In addition to teaching, she works part-time editing Neo-Latin theological texts from the 1700’s and has published her edition of a Latin work originally published in 1771, Vera Christiana Religio.

She is a private pilot, fluent in four languages, and has lived and worked in the United States, South Africa, Sweden, Germany and the Ukraine.

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