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Freya Fitzpatrick's Classes

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2023-24 Classes

Details about the following classes are below: High School Biology, Middle School Life Science,

Jr. High Writing,   British Lit, Central European History

Biology - with lab

Evidence-based Science: A Tool, Not a Body of Facts

Ages: (HS ages 13+ only) – a rigorous high school class.

Cost*: ($50 deposit) $365/$340 – includes lab materials fee – per ½ year / $610 full year single payment.

Min/Max: 6/20

Required Materials: Campbell, Reece, Mitchell, Taylor. Biology: Concepts and Connections, 4th edition

Suggested HS Credit: 1.0 credit science

This year-long course will cover all the major topics in high school biology with a syllabus that meets honors level criteria. (Honors level high school biology covers more cellular, viral, bacterial and genetics biology than regular level.) The course is designed so that students can choose assignments that fit either a ‘regular’ or an honors level course. The in-class instruction and labs will be the same for either choice. There will be at least 24 hands-on labs, 12 in ‘large’ biology areas and 12 in ‘small’ biology areas.

MS Life Science

Evidence-based Science: A Tool, Not a Body of Facts

Ages: (MS 11+ only)

Cost*: ($25 deposit) $215/$195 – per ½ year / $360 full-year, single, non-refundable payment – supplies included

Min/Max: 6/15

Required HS Materials: None - All supplies provided including books

  • Recommended prep for an academically rigorous high school level biology class, or can be taken as relaxed substitute for ½ of what is covered in a rigorous HS course.

  • Heavy focus on developing complete comfort with lab report writing.

  • Strong focus on developing note-taking skills

  • Students will cover environmental & ecological science plus anatomy & physiology.

  • The environmental and ecological section will be a high-energy, hands-on course. The complete curriculum includes labs and field work. The course consists of multiple hands-on experiments which require students to apply knowledge and critical thinking skills.

  • Students will study plants and animals, the relationship of living things to each other and to their environment including physical properties like climate and soil. This course will consider biomes, also known as ecosystems, and includes the interaction of living and non-living factors, characteristics of populations, the flow of energy, and the cycling of matter.

  • In the anatomy and physiology section through projects, labs & games students will learn all 11 body systems & basics of the functioning of these systems, including circulation, respiration, digestion, immunity, etc. They will also be introduced to basic concepts of a cell.

Jr. High Writing 

Confidence Builder

Ages: (7-10th grades 12+ only)
Cost*: ($25 deposit) $220/$200 –½ year / $370 full year single payment.
Min/Max: 6/12
Required Materials: None
•Year-long course, though students can come and go between sessions.
•For students who either: 1) want a solid writing course at a middle-of-the-road high school level, but without the demands and homework of a rigorous, pre-college writing course; or, 2) have completed middle-school level writing, and want a stepping stone before a rigorous, pre-college writing course.
•In each session, students will write in a specific style or genre: the 5-paragraph essay, writing about literature, a short research paper.
•They will learn to write outlines, to write thesis statement in the introduction, well-constructed paragraphs, a conclusion and transition sentences that connect paragraphs into a coherent whole. They will begin to learn to cite print or electronic sources properly when paraphrasing or summarizing information, quoting, or using graphics. They will learn to use appropriate strategies, such as providing facts and details, describing or analyzing the subject, and comparing or contrasting.

British Literature

Classics Come Alive

British Literature
Ages: (HS ages 13+ only)

Cost*: Regular Course – ($25 deposit) $220/$200 –½ year / $370 full year single payment.

Honors Course – ($25 deposit) $235/$210 – per ½ year / $396 full year single payment.

Min/Max: 6/20
Required Materials: Novels
Suggested HS Credit: 1.0 credit English

Make the classics come alive through hands-on activities like puppet shows, videos, skits, rap and more.
Immerse learners in books by listening to or reading full-length novels and poems.
All levels and styles of learners welcome. You select the assignments suited to your learner.
Traditional vocabulary development, analysis and writing is, of course, also included.

Central European History

History Is Not about Dates and Numbers

Ages: (MS/HS ages 12+ only)
Cost*: ($25 deposit) $215/$195 – per ½ year / $360 full year single, non-refundable payment
Min/Max: 6/20
Required Materials: Books available from library
Suggested HS Credit: 1.0 credit elective social studies

•Year-long interdisciplinary course. The course can be taken at the middle or high school level. What I teach in class will remain the same no matter which option you choose. I will provide a course description to meet whichever option you choose.

  • In this survey course, we will touch on major themes and eras of European history and culture from pre-civilization to Roman times to today, with a focus on how these themes expressed themselves in Central Europe – specifically in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. These eras include the Roman Empire, the medieval world, the Renaissance and Reformation, Scientific Revolution, the age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, WWI, WWII, Communism, and Globalism

  • Emphasis on critical thinking not “correct view” of history.

    • Students will learn the limits inherent in how history is researched & reported

    • Students will be exposed to different interpretations of US history

    • Students will be encouraged to question and analyze reports of history and evaluate this from the perspective of their own world view

•Lots of free choice in what types of assignments to do and topics of interest to pursue.

* In all fee pairs, the lower fee is applicable if non-refundable deposit is received by March 15 + on-time payment

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