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Freya Fitzpatrick's Classes

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2024-25 Classes

Details about the following are below: Public Speaking, Killer Grammar, High School Writing,  World History

Stay tuned for information about a 2-morning /week preschool/playschool for 2-3 year olds.

Public Speaking

Everyone Succeeds

Ages: (12+ only)

Cost*: ($25 deposit) $215/$195 – per ½ year / $360 full year single, non-refundable payment.

Min/Max: 6/12

Required Materials: Portable computer

Suggested HS Credit: 1.0 credit English elective

Learning to express yourself in public settings is an asset that will be valuable throughout life. The more professionally you can present your ideas, the greater will be the response by others and the more opportunities you will have to progress in areas that are important to you. Public speaking skills will build your self-confidence, can get you a job, get you into college, land a sales contract, help you build and share your convictions and influence other people’s opinions.

  • Semester One:

  • Students will develop their delivery skills: voice control and projection, articulation and diction, appropriate manner and body language, the use of physical actions, setting a tone and creating an atmosphere, and how to manage note-cards as they present an already prepared age-appropriate selected text.

  • Students will learn (or review) proper research methods to ensure an adequate, accurate and properly documented presentation.

  • Semester Two:

  • Students will learn about the composition of a persuasive presentation.

  • Students will learn to speak in real-life situations such as interviews and special occasions.


Killer Grammar

Ace the technical English language questions of ACT/SAT

Ages: 14+ only

Cost*: ($25 deposit) $220/$200 – per ½ year / $370 full-year, single, non-refundable payment – supplies included

Min/Max: 6/20

Required HS Materials: Warriner’s Handbook 5th Course

  • I love the intricacies of language! Follow me as we journey through all the details of the English language, exploring all its quirks and the reasons why it is so complex.

  • Learn everything you (n)ever wanted to know about punctuation and grammar. J

  • SAT/ACT testing – these tests check whether students know the basics of punctuation and grammar. But, to get the top scores on the English section, these tests ask about obscure concepts like the subjunctive in English – yup, we have a subjunctive! This course will cover all these little-known details.

  • Using one of the premier college preparatory grammar texts, Warriner’s English Grammar, students will make a rigorous study of grammar, usage, punctuation, idioms, and prefixes/suffixes. This will not only fulfill Georgia requirements for language development in high school, it will be invaluable preparation for either SAT or ACT testing.

High School Writing 

Getting Ready for College Writing

Ages: High School - 14+ only
Cost*: ($25 deposit) $235/$210 –½ year / $396 full year single payment.
Min/Max: 6/12
Required Materials: None
•Year-long course, though students can come and go between sessions.
•Rigorous, pre-college writing course.
•In each session, students will write in a specific style or genre: the 5-paragraph essay, writing about literature, a research paper, or persuasive writing.
•They will learn to write outlines, to write thesis statement in the introduction, well-constructed paragraphs, a conclusion and transition sentences that connect paragraphs into a coherent whole. They will begin to learn to cite print or electronic sources properly when paraphrasing or summarizing information, quoting, or using graphics. They will learn to use appropriate strategies, such as providing facts and details, describing or analyzing the subject, and comparing or contrasting.

World History

History Is Not about Dates and Numbers

Ages: (MS/HS ages 12+ only)
Cost*: ($25 deposit) $215/$195 – per ½ year / $360 full year single, non-refundable payment
Min/Max: 6/20
Required Materials: Books available from library
Suggested HS Credit: 1.0 credit elective social studies

Continent by continent, students will learn about the history of the world and how this ties into religion, culture, language, geography, and architecture. Major themes and eras of history will be covered for each continent. In addition to engaging presentations by the teacher during class time, students will read and research on their own to produce projects and written returns which allow them to deepen their knowledge in their own chosen areas of specific interest.

  • Emphasis on critical thinking not “correct view” of history.

    • Students will learn the limits inherent in how history is researched & reported

    • Students will be exposed to different interpretations of US history

    • Students will be encouraged to question and analyze reports of history and evaluate this from the perspective of their own world view

•Grade is based on students' assignments and study guides.

* In all fee pairs, the lower fee is applicable if non-refundable deposit is received by March 15 + on-time payment

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